My Best Hotel Stays of 2013

Best Hotels of 2013 Amanzo’e, one of my nine favorite hotels of 2013 I stayed at 62 different hotels in 2013, ranging from $50 to $1,200 per night. My friends think I’m spoiled because I get to stay in the most luxurious hotels on the expense of my magazines and newspapers. But I end up… Continue reading My Best Hotel Stays of 2013

Where to Go in 2014

Once a year, usually in the autumn, travel writers are asked by editors what their picks and forecasts are for travel in 2014. These are usually a very news-driven projects that require us to chase new hotels, museums, tourist developments, anniversaries, and flight routes. My own list doesn’t differ, and some of the following 11… Continue reading Where to Go in 2014

2013 Year End Report

2013 was a big year for me personally. I got married, changed my country of residence, shipped 28 boxes of my belongings from L.A. to Zürich and quit Twitter. These are Adam H. Graham’s Personal Highlights of 2013 according to Facebook gaming. Not bad for a computer, right? What the almighty Book didn’t seem to… Continue reading 2013 Year End Report