January 2017

Noteworthy Meals of 2016: Part 2

by adam on January 8, 2017

I love writing about my favorite meals of the year and 2016 was a great year of food for me. The last few years I’ve started keeping a journal of my excellent meals, and because I seek them out, the list become longer every year. So this year, I’m organizing my best meals into three categories. Think […]


Ok, self promotion doesn’t get lower than this. But who cares. Are you looking for some weekend reads and travel ideas this chilly weekend. Here’s a selection of my favorite excerpts from my 14 favorites travel stories, all written by me. Some are even funny. Travel more in 2017! And enjoy! Departures.com, How Viking Changed Cruises […]


Noteworthy Meals of 2016: Part 1

by adam on January 5, 2017

Noteworthy Meals of 2016: Part 1 Food as Source of Social Change and the Importance of Complaining For a travel writer, there are a surprising number of travel-related things I’m terrible at—foreign languages, reading maps, relaxing on beaches, and enduring other tourists. But I know how to do one thing exceptionally well: eat. I not only eat well, […]


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