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Hiking Japan’s Tohoku Coast

Hokkaido Guide

Condé Nast Traveler, Saudi Arabia Conservation


New York Times, 52 Places to Go in 2024, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

Travel +Leisure Asia, Where To Go in 2024 Paris

Travel +Leisure Asia, Where To Go in 2024 Tokyo

Wall Street Journal, Where To Go in 2024 Kangaroo Island

Wall Street Journal, Where To go in 2024 Kyushu, Japan


Travel +Leisure Asia, Tofugate

Travel +Leisure Asia, Dubai’s Cocktail Scene

Conde Nast Traveler, Australia’s Blue Mountains

Travel + Leisure Asia, Breakfast at Ace Hotel Sydney,

Wall Street Journal, Sydney Walking and Gawking

Conde Nast Traveler, Where To Go in 2024, Quito, Ecuador

Afar, Best Ski Resorts 2023/2024

WSJ, Colombia’s Northern Coast Birdwatching

T+L SE ASIA, How To Spot Wild Platypus in Tasmania

T+L SE ASIA, Japan’s Hidden, Volcanic Unzen Onsen

Afar, Can I Wear A Saudi Thobe? National Costumes Ethics

Afar, Is Morocco Becoming Queer Friendly?

Robb Report, Florida Horse Country

Departures, Best Hotels in Tokyo

US News World Report, Zurich Guide

WSJ, Wild Tuscany

Afar, Bulgari Hotel Review

Afar, Best Tokyo Hotels 2023

Afar, Best Japan Hotels 2023

WSJ, Interior Florida Roadtrip

CNT, Moving to Switzerland

Departures, Tokyo’s Next Act

Wild Italy, Four Seasons Magazine

Trip Advisor Magazine, Surf Season in Italy

Four Seasons Magazine, Interview

Afar, Best New Ski Resorts of 2023

WSJ, Florida Goes Michelin

Trip Advisor Magazine, Rosé

Trip Advisor Magazine, Fondue Season Alps

Trip Advisor Magazine, Autumn Beaches


New York Times, Exploring Korea

Departures, Athens,

Departures, Kyoto

Afar, Dark Skies France

New York Times T Magainze, Soto Islands

Robb Report, Chenot Method Switzerland

Condé Nast Traveler, Denver Museum

Seattle Times, Liguria Hiking

Departures, History of Moka Pot

A Lake Como Hotel Where the Past Is Vigorously Maintained – WSJ

Departures, A Glowing Meal

Departures, Best European Spa Towns

Robb Report, Vintage Swiss Boats

Wall Street Journal, Americana Spring Roadtrips

T+L, Misunderstood Basel

Condé Nast Traveler, Euro Night Trains


Condé Nast Traveler, Rosato Roadtip Through The Boot

Afar, Swiss Hofladen (Farm Stands)

Afar, Italian National Parks

Departures, Italian Riviera Reborn and Reconsidered

Departures, Japanese Winemaking from a Female Perspective: Mie Ikeno

WSJ, Rise of Europe’s Sleeper Trains

Wall Street Journal, Sensorial Hike in Portofino, Italy

Afar, Kyoto’s Next Move

Conde Nast Travel, Hot List Zurich, Switzerland and Kagoshima, Japan

Conde Nast Traveler, Hot Restaurants, Culinariam Alpinum

Travel and Leisure SE Asia, Summer Reads for Foodies and Travelers

Travel & Leisure, It List, Zurich’s Eden au Lac

Four Seasons Magazine, Japanese Cookware Collecting

Afar, How to Navigate Japan’s Trains

Wall Street Journal, Spring Break in American Sun Belt

Conde Nast Traveler, Ski Destinations Iceland, Switzerland, Hokkaido, Japan

Travel + Leisure SE Asia, Japan’s 72 Microseasons

Essentialist, Kagoshima

Wall Street Journal, Dogo Onsen, Matsumaya, Japan

Condé Nast Traveler, The Birthday Train

Kagawa, Japan’s Udon Taxi, Travel + Leisure SE Asia

Condé Nast Traveler, Sustainable Sweden

Portfolio Magazine, Call of The Summer in the Alps

Portfolio Magazine, Swiss German Vs Swiss French Cuisine

Portfolio Magazine, All Aboard Swiss Trains


Travel + Leisure SE Asia, Blade Pilgrims

Travel + Leisure SE Asia, Dirty Dishes

Condé Nast Traveller UK, Japan

Essentialist, Texas Roadtrip

Condé Nast Traveller UK, Roadfood

Wall Street Journal, Alpine Highs

Wall Street Journal, Japan’s Rolling Restaurants

New York Times, Golf Embraces Dark Skies 

New York Times, Snow Golf Switzerland

Condé Nast Traveller UK, Chefs With Hotels

Condé Nast Traveler China, Osaka Rising

Wall Street Journal, Dark Skies

Telegraph, Zurich Restaurants

Travel + Lesiure SE Asia, Astrotourism

Conde Nast Traveler, Housekeeping

Afar, Hotel Issue

Afar, New Mexico Roadtrip

Afar, Future of Travel in COVID Era

Travel & Leisure SE Asia, Japanese Wine

NYT, Coronavirus Asia

Condé Nast Traveler, Hot List 2020

NYT, Places To Go in 2020

Afar, Where to Go in 2020

The Essentialist, Dolomites

The Essentialist, Rosé vs Rosato in Italy

Robb Report, Future of Travel


Conde Nast Traveler, Gold List

Conde Nast Traveler, Osaka Rising

T+L SE Asia, Japanese Citrus

Silverkris, Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne Rising

Cathay Pacific, Alpine Spas

T+L SE Asia, Sado Island, Japan

Departures, 24 Hours in Tokyo

Conde Nast Traveller UK, Casa Caminada

Delta Sky, Tokyo Five Ways

Afar, Tokyo’s Kissaten and Coffee Scene

Cathay Pacific, Asia’s Starry Destinations

Essentialist, Puglia

Delta Sky, Seoul

Bombardier Magazine, Geneva

Wall Street Journal, Lesser Known Med Islands

Wall Street Journal, Speediest New Train Routes

Wall Street Journal, Tale of Two Budgets, Zürich

Condé Nast Traveler Hot List 2019

Afar, Best New Hotels: Stay List

Wall Street Journal, New Age of Sleeper Trains

New York Times, Where to Go In 2019

T+L SE Asia, Ski Japan

Afar, Orlando Eats

Afar, Where to Go in 2019 Honshu, Japan

T+L SE Asia, Hiking Raiatea

T+L SE Asia Bangkok


Condé Nast Traveler, Slow Skiing in Japan’s North

Condé Nast Traveler, Cracking Bavaria’s Code

Private Clubs Magazine, Laos

New York Times, Bans on Plastic Straws Are Growing. But Is the Travel Industry Doing Enough?

Condé Nast Traveler, Plan a Trip to Zurich This Summer (Yes, Really)

T+L, SE Asia, Fiji Now!

Yayoi Kusama Museum, Private Clubs Magazine

Scotland’s New Distilleries, Private Clubs Magazine

Glasgow Reinvented, Private Clubs Magazine

Swiss Roadtrip, National Geographic Traveler

BBC, Does Macaroni and Cheese Have Swiss Origins?

New York Times, Where to Go in 2018 (Eight Entries)


New York Times, Haiku On The Rocks: Haiku Inspired Cocktails

Robb Report, First Tracks Ski

Robb Report, Osaka Conrad

Afar, Travel Guide to Kyoto

Afar, Travel Guide to Kyoto’s Restaurants 

Afar, Travel Guide to Switzerland

Afar, Travel Guide to Switzerland’s Best Restaurants

Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia, Fiji

Four Seasons Magazine, Alpine Cheese French vs Swiss

Wall Street Journal, Ecuador’s Hummingbirds

Afar, Best Places to Travel in 2018

Travel + Leisure’s Places to Travel in 2018

New York Times, Check In Hotel Review Rome

Afar, Celtic Switzerland

Four Seasons Magazine, Taking Wing in Kyoto

Afar, Onsen Rules

Afar, On The Hunt For Tokyo’s Strangest Souvenirs

Conde Nast Traveler, Why Bilbao Is Better Than Ever

Condé Nast Traveler, Ise Shima

Condé Nast Traveler, Ise Shima, Japan

Destinasian, The New Zurich

Destinasian, Uncorked Swiss Wine

Destinasian, Ride the Rhaetian Railway

Wall Street Journal, A Desert Eco Lodge For Lion Conservationists

New York Times, Raclette Restaurant Opens

New York Times, Check In Charleston, South Carolina

National Geographic Travel, Smart Cities Aarhus, Denmark

New York Times, Check In, Jekyll Island, Georgia

Travel & Leisure Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea’s Birds of Paradise

New York Times, Where to Go in 2017

Travel & Leisure Southeast Asia, Where to Go in 2017: Maldives


National Geographic, Wild, Beautiful Places

Travel + Leisure, Where to Go in 2017 Lake Lucerne

Departures.com, How Viking Changed Cruises

Silverkris, Singapore Air’s Inflight Magazine, Ski Niseko, Japan

Robb Report Best Ski Destinations France’s Le 3 Vallées

Robb Report Best Ski Destinations Japan’s Niseko

Endless Vacation, Le Petit Train Jaune

New York Times, Street Food Market in Aarhus

Wall Street Journal, Le Corbusier Roadtrip in France and Switzerland

Endless Vacation, Eat Japan

BBC Travel, 2,000 Year Old Cold Case: Danish Bog Bodies

New York Times, Lake Como Check In

New York Times, Bites: Fermented Foods Restaurant Raest in Faroe Islands

New York Times, Check in: Kameha Grand, Zurich

Eat The World, Travel & Leisure SE Asia

Travel & Leisure, New Nordic Roadtrip, Norway

Conde Nast Traveler, Naoshima, Japan

Bombardier Experience, Is Bhutan Really Happy?

Four Seasons Magazine, Best Birding Destinations

New York Times, Check In, Dijon, France

Islands Magazine, Venice’s Hidden Lagoon Islands

Wall Street Journal, The Overlooked Florida Keys

Travel & Leisure South East Asia,  Yaeyama Islands, Japan

BBC Travel, Night With Dead in Koya-san, Japan

New York Times, New Ways to Get There in 2016

New York Times, Iceland’s Craft Liquor Revolution

Robb Report, Top Destinations for 2016: Oman 

New York Times, Where to Go in 2016 (Six entries)


Hollywood Reporter, Rivercruises

Departures, Eat Like a Local in Tokyo,

Departures, Ultimate Swiss Comfort Food

Tastemade, Fiery Ramen in Kyoto

Four Seasons Magazine, Rare Trade Iceberg Diving

Endless Vacation, French Pyrenees

Four Seasons Magazine, Vanilla at the Source

Four Seasons Magazine, Abu Dhabi’s Next Act

Travel + Leisure, Drive Croatia’s Coast

Wall Street Journal, Tokyo’s Digital Art Scene

Four Seasons Magazine, Rooms With a View To History

Afar, Prada Fondazione in Milano

Four Seasons Magazine, Nobu’s Next Act, Nobu Doha World’s Largest

Departures, Wellness Destinations Redux,

GHM Journeys, On Switzerland’s Cheese Trail

GHM Journeys, Switzerland’s Alpine Passes

New York Times, Beer in Pristina, Kosovo

GHM Journeys Magazine, Hiking Canton Uri

New York Times, Airlines Ban Trophy Hunts from Cargo

Departures, Arty Islands

Four Seasons Magazine, Nakame, Tokyo

BBC Travel, Japan’s Glowing Squid

GHM Journeys Magazine, Summer of Art, Art Basel, Milano Expo, etc.

BBC Travel, Bhutan’s Unique Baths

Travel + Leisure, May, 2015, Albania

BBC Travel, Hell Valley, Japan

GHM Hotels Magazine, Zurich’s Baden

Ralph Lauren Magazine, 48 Hours in Hong Kong

Endless Vacation, Undiscovered Paris

Wall Street Journal, Skiing in Hakuba Japan

New York Times, 52 Places to Go in 2015: Canton Valais, Switzerland; Bourgogne, France; Paris outside Périphérique, and Orlando, Florida

BBC, Albania’s Accursed Mountains

Travel + Leisure, Coziest European Winter Getaways

Travel + Leisure, Places to Go in 2015: Kosovo, Norway, Hokkaido

New York Times, Greening of Taiwan

National Geographic Traveler, Where to Go in 2015: Taiwan


Wall Street Journal, Austin BBQ

Travel & Leisure, Scotland’s Independent Shetland Islands

Four Seasons Magazine, Learning Qi Gong in Beijing

Four Seasons Magazine, Finding Tranquility in Beijing

Robb Report, Japanese Whisky at the Source 

New York Times, Edinburgh Hotel Check In

BBC Travel, Switzerland’s Valley of Butterflies

BBC, Switzerland’s Best Trains in the World

Wall Street Journal, Amalfi Coast Tourist Free

Hollywood Reporter Med Yachts

BBC Travel, Appenzell’s Sad, Dark Music

Departures.com, Sports Hotels

Robb Report 100

Four Seasons Magazine, Singapore’s Best Street Hawkers

BBC Travel, The Devil Dwells in Switzerland’s Canton Uri

Bon Voyage, Amsterdam

NZZ, Switzerland Four Ways

New York Post, Tahiti

Departures, Wellness Retreats

Four Seasons Magazine, Koh Samui, Thailand

Four Seasons Magazine Walking Singapore

Travel + Leisure, It List 2014

New York Times, Where To Go in 2014

Departures, Design Forward Golf Retreats

New York Post, Quito

Afar, Canton Valais, Switzerland,

Four Seasons Magazine, Geneva Wellness, Switzerland,

National Geographic Traveler, Yakushima

Robb Report, Crans Ambassador, Switzerland

Bon Voyage, Dubrovnik

Departures, Modernist Mountain Retreats


National Geographic Travel, Ecuador’s Cacao Trail

New York Magazine, Geneva’s Wellness Boom

New York Times, Glasgow Looks to Its Past

New York Times, Rajasthan Weddings

Victorinox, Confessions of a Heavy Packer

Wall Street Journal, Tasting Ecuador’s Cacao Heritage

Four Seasons Magazine, Switzerland: Lavaux Wine Country

Four Seasons Magazine, Walkin’ in L.A.

Four Seasons Magazine, Serengeti Safari

Wall Street Journal, Switzerland’s Valais Wine Region by E-bike

T+L, Gay Honeymoons, T+L

Four Seasons, Paris’ Best Bakeries

Newsday, Switzerland Four Ways

Entrepreneur.com, Power Breakfast Spots

Departures, World’s Ultra Quiet Hotels

Four Seasons Magazine, Santa Barbara Food Tour

New York Times, Singapore’s Urban Gardens

Four Seasons Magazine, Dark Skies International

Four Seasons Magazine, Art Basel Highlights

Travel + Leisure, Hottest New Beach Hotels

Departures, Memorable Hotel Arrivals

Four Seasons Magazine, Building Baku’s Skyline

Dwell, Boomlet of Modernist Hotels in London

Departures, Chanel No. 5 Exhibit at Palais de Tokyo

T+L, 2013 It List

Dwell, A True Art Hotel in Paris

Wall Street Journal, Dog Sledding in Bavaria

Wall Street Journal, Japan’s Onsen

Saveur, Zurich’s Cordon Blue Taverns

Four Seasons Magazine, Birding Thailand’s Doi Inthanon

Four Season Magazine, Architect Pierre-Jean Picart on his over-water bungalows

Going Places (Malaysia Air’s in-flight magazine), 24 Hours in Zurich

Departures, London’s New Wave of Hotels

Robb Report, Guangzhou Game-changer

Four Seasons Magazine, Deconstructing Dim Sum in Beijing

Four Seasons Magazine, Beijings’ Hutongs

Four Seasons Magazine Five Things to Do In Guangzhou

Hollywood Reporter, Celebrity Switzerland

T+L, Best New Ski Resorts

CNN, Best Ski Resorts

Four Seasons Magazine, Experience Africa With Four Seasons


National Geographic Traveler, Where to Go in 2013: Kyoto, Japan

National Geographic Traveler, Where to go in 2013: St Augustine, Florida

National Geographic Books:  World’s Best Travel Experiences ,contributing writer, published October 2012

22-Day Around The World by Private Jet Blog for Four Seasons Magazine, (commissioned by Pace Publishing)

New York Magazine, Winter Travel 2012 Bespoke Getaways: The Tourist-Dodging Lone Wolf: Windhoek, Namibia

New York Magazine, Winter Travel 2012 Bespoke Getaways: The Art- and Restaurant-Seeking Sisters: Oslo, Norway

New York Magazine, Winter Travel 2012 Bespoke Getaways: The Museum-Going Power Travelers: Zürich, Switzerland

The Hollywood Reporter, Istanbul’s Film Scene

T+L, World’s Most Mysterious Buildings

Departures, Various Blog Pieces

Departures, World’s Most Bikeable Vineyards

Endless Vacation, Wisconsin Supper Clubs

Departures, World’s Best Pop-Up Restaurants

New York Times, Following Dickens’s Footsteps in Switzerland

Departures, Secret European Summer Getaways

Endless Vacation, Unexpected Florida Roadtrip

Hollywood Reporter, Dragon Tattoo Tourism Effect

Monocle, Turning the Tables

Wall Street Journal, A Very Big Game, Elephant Polo in Thailand

BBC Travel (quoted only)

Departures , America’s Best Rooftop Bars

Departures, World’s Most Scenic Walks

Departures, Best First Class Airline Cabins

Details, America’s Best Night Markets

R.24, Renaissance Hotel’s Magazine, Lucerne Loosens Up, March

National Geographic, Books Division, Best of The World Travel Guide

Fathom, Beer and Beaches for a Billion


New York Times, Tennessee Williams’ Columbus Mississippi

W Magazine, Re-opening of Film and Motion Picture Museum

National Geographic Travel, New York City: Boerum Hill

National Geographic Traveler, Where To Pick Apples in America

National Geographic Traveler Best of the World 2012, Istria, Croatia

New York Times, Finding Heroic Modernism in Istria, Croatia

New York Times, Eco-Paris, Paris Goes Green

Wall Street Journal, Water With An Edge, Swiss Spa Design

Details, Food Temples

National Geographic Travel, Food Neighborhoods, Horchata in Valencia

Travel + Leisure, New Catskills Roadtrip

Fathom, Abu Dhabi Hospitals

Fathom, Wine and Elephants in Thailand

Condé Nast Traveler, Paris’ Asian Invasion

New York Magazine, Sunny St. Pete Florida

Details, Mile High Drinks: Airline’s Signature Cocktails

Budget Travel, Review of Trip It

Newsday, Brooklyn Five Ways

New York Magazine, Beyond Lobster in Midcoast, Maine

Travel and Leisure, World’s Coolest New Tourist Attractions

Travel and Leisure Best Warm Weather Family Adventures

arthesia, An Urban Ethnography Narrative of Memphis, Tennessee

Travel + Leisure, World’s Biggest Buildings

Travel + Leisure, UNESCO’s Most Endangered Sites

Travel + Leisure, Pirated Waters

Travel + Leisure, Storm Chasing

National Geographic Traveler, Zurich Hotels


New York Times, Zora’s Neale Hurston’s Florida

New York Magazine Zurich’s Art Scene

Valet.com, United States of Vodka

Art and Auction, When in NYC during Armory Show

Condé Nast Traveler, Mexico City’s Contemporary Arts

Out Magazine, Getting a Suit Made in Hong Kong

Out Magazine, Central Mexico Roadtrip

New York Magazine, Knock Back Moonshine in Kentucky

New York Magazine Trek the Volcanic Islands of the Azores

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