Harney and the Bats

by adam on September 7, 2012


Verzasca Valley, Ticino, Switzerland

by adam on September 3, 2012



Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ

by adam on July 12, 2012


Ralph and I are off to a wedding in the Badger State. Door County, to be precise. The land of fish boils, Frank Llyod Wright, cheese curds and supper clubs. Check out my friend Dave’s NYT article on Wisconsin Supper Clubs. Or download this Mega Wisconsin Cheese Map.






by adam on July 4, 2012

Hotel Palafitte, Neuchâtel, Switzerland, June 2012

Welcome to my first website! I’ve been working as a journalist and editor in travel publishing for about 10 years now, but have never had my own blog or website. Finally, my chance to say what I really think. Um, does anyone say what they really think in publishing? No, not so much. Especially in travel publishing. That’s why I’d like this space to be a opinionated and pithy photo-centric account of all my travels. I see so many places that never make it into the pages of the publications I write for, so this is the spot for all those unloved destinations and random thoughts, all those unmarketable ideas that didn’t get clicked on. Think of it as my very own personal Island of Misfit Toys.

I’m just starting out, so bear wtih me as I make adjustments the next few weeks. Thanks for stopping by. And stay tuned.


Beach Photo

by admin on July 2, 2012

Aegean Sea, Dubrovnik, Croatia


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